Video Resources for the Classroom







Did you know that there are tons of educational videos online, for free?


Here's a list of several different websites offering free, educational videos.  As always, be sure to view the video before showing it to your students to be certain it's appropriate.


Check out these great sites: - Several full episodes are available from their website. 

CNN Video - Watch clips of past news events and features.

C-SPAN Video Library - Political news and democracy in action. - Lots of clips and some full episodes available.

Edu YouTube - YouTube's partnership page with Universities and Colleges.  View college lectures, discussions, and debates from leading Unversities.

Edutopia Videos - mostly for professional development.  Thought-provoking! - Watch full episodes of many of their popular shows directly from their website. - News and Information Section - Includes a wide variety of documentaries from a variety of providers - Documentary Section. - by Annenberg Media - provides several documentaries and educational films for free.  Look for the "video on demand" icon.

LiveScience - Videos on science, history, culture, technology and more.

NEW - Khan Academy - Lots of videos, free, arranged by subject area.

NC - Sizeable video/documentary collection featuring full-length documentaries from PBS.

The National Archives - a collection of videos highlighting US history.

National Geographic Video - videos and clips from the National Geographic Channel.

The Open Video Project - 100's of videos and clips on many subjects - Many of their popular shows are viewable from their website.

Reel Classics - a collection of clips from classic films. - Similar to YouTube, but with school-based content.  Be sure to browse their various categories for useful content.

Smithsonian Channel - Watch videos from the Smithsonian Channel.

SportSkool - Skill teaching videos for sports and fitness.

Teachers TV - Site with video clips on a varity of subjects as well as videos specifically designed for professional development. - Also similar to YouTube.  Features school-related content only.  Browse their channels to find what you're looking for.

Teacher's Domain - Clips (and other resources) on a variety of topics. - Clips covering a variety of educational topics. - Online video site that features high-quality videos.  Be sure to browse their categories (science, art, etc.).

WGBH - Boston public television. - Documentary and Biography Section - YouTube's Documentary and Biography section.  Find clips and full episodes from providers such as National Geographic, Smithsonian, and PBS.