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Qwizdom and Interact

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Qwizdom and Interact Resources


Quick Tip:  Did you know you can present Qwizdom reviews as a game?  Fast Track, Mars Mission, Baseball, and more are available under the presentation options.










Qwizdom.com - the official website.

Tutorials, Manuals, and How-To's - the support section of the Qwizdom website provides manuals and video tutorials for using Qwizdom Connect and ActionPoint.





Have you created a good lesson or review using Qwizdom Interact?  Let's share them here...


Tutorials and How-To's:


Qwizdom Quick Start Guide - a link to the quick start guide (which should be available in hard copy with your class set).


(old) Qwizdom Interact Manual - a link to the Qwizdom Interact manual (which should be available in hard copy with your class set).


Tutorials from the Official Qwizdom Site - This site has click-by-click tutorials on everything from installing and setting up your hardware to setting up content and classes.  You can follow along with the instructions with your own software.


Qwizdom ActionPoint Tutorials - from Atomic Learning, these tutorials show you how to use the Qwizdom ActionPoint addon for PowerPoint.




Other Resources:


Use of a Classroom Response System to Enhance Classroom Interactivity - research article supporting the use of systems like Qwizdom.



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