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PCS Twitter Directory

Page history last edited by Lucas Gillispie 13 years ago

     Twitter is an excellent way to build an online, professional network.  With it, you can connect to fellow district educators and educators from around the world to share resources and ideas.  This page is designed to help you find other educators in our district who use Twitter.  Please simply add, your Twitter ID, linked to your Twitter page, and briefly tell us where you're based and what you do.  Please add yourself at the bottom of the list.  This enables us to see who's new to the list.  To connect to other teachers in your subject area from around the world, visit:  http://twitter4teachers.pbworks.com/.  If you're just getting started with Twitter, check out the "Building Your Social and Professional Network" page.


You can follow this entire list by visiting:  http://twitter.com/PCSTech/pender-county-educators



  • PCSTech - Lucas Gillispie - Instructional Technology Coordinator, Pender County Schools.
  • CAllen74 - Chuck Allen - Network Admin, Pender County Schools.
  • PCSHelpDesk - Technology Help Desk, Pender County Schools
  • twuzzardo - Tiffany Wuzzardo, AIG, Pender County Schools (now in Brunswick Co. Schools - but a great resource!)
  • midlawsondle - Craig Lawson, LA Teacher, Pender County Schools
  • mrshughesntes - Sherry Hughes - Computer Skills/Tech Teacher, Pender County Schools

  • THSKickngas - The Topsail High School Electric Vehicle Program

  • askewjulie - Julie Askew, Director of Student Services

  • buchanansr - Stephen Buchanan, Principal, Malpass Corner Elementary

  • sheliachase - Science Teacher, Pender High School

  • sfree23 - Stephanie Willis, Principal, Cape Fear Elementary School

  • malpasscorner - Malpass Corner Elementary School

  • capefearcubs - Cape Fear Elementary School

  • szakasitsa - Angela Szakasits, AiG Specialist, Topsail Middle School

  • loftonv - Veverly Lofton, Science Teacher, Pender High School

  • teachergrlnc - Becca Jones, Exceptional Children Teacher, Penderlea School

  • mahudson - Mary Alice Hudson, Media Specialist, Cape Fear Elementary School

  • bmdavis723 - Brittany Davis, Math Teacher, Pender High School

  • Jack_Townsend - Jack Townsend, Math Teacher, Topsail High School

  • susan_lanier - Susan Lanier, South Topsail Elementary

  • MollyWhitePCS - Molly White, K-8 Director, Pender County Schools

  • wpmswarriors - West Pender Middle School

  • AmyLawsonPCS - Amy Lawson, Science Teacher, Burgaw Middle School

  • juliagh - Julia Hieronymus, Technology Facilitator, Cape Fear Elementary School

  • harmonwpms - David Harmon, Math Teacher, West Pender Middle

  • topsailmiddle - Topsail Middle School

  • toucan222 - Karen Lindley, Science Teacher, West Pender Middle

  • kkochakji - Katherine Kochakji, AIG Specialist, CFMS/CFES/RPP

  • dlbetts - Diana Betts, AIG Specialist, MCE/WPM

  • sensaiths - Christy Stanley, 6-8 Literacy Coach

  • allisonwhite30 - Allison White - Elementary School Teacher

  • BMSscienceguy - David Glenn - Middle Grades Science Teacher

  • STEStingrays - South Topsail Elementary School

  • Wendy Strickland - Elementary School Teacher.

  • PHSChirper - Alicia Taylor - Media

  • mcedata1 - Ann Brown - Data Specialist

  • PECHS10 - Amy Benton - Pender Early College High School

  • onalampstand - Amy Pridgen, Language Arts, Cape Fear Middle

  • mquindlen - Mark Quindlen, Media Specialist, Pender Co. Schools

  • WMD60 - Bill Davis, K-8 Technology Teacher, Penderlea School

  • mtoddo - Todd Osborne, 4th Grade, Cape Fear Elementary

  • shauna_lennon - Shauna Lennon, 5th Grade, Burgaw Elementary

  • jcths - Stephen Jeffcoat, Science Teacher, Topsail High School

  • Leahwminchello- Leah Minchello, 2nd grade, Riverdale Country school 

  • hrmarriner - Technology Facilitator, Malpass Corner Elementary

  • janice_butler - Media Specialist, West Pender Middle

  • dlbetts - Diana Betts, Elementary Ed.

  • cheryl_wheeler - Middle Grades Math Teacher, Cape Fear Middle 

  • BMSMath - Sheri Dodson, Math Teacher, Burgaw Middle School

  • BMSMusic444 - Brittany Fainn, Music Teacher, Burgaw Middle School

  • AshleyLanier -  Ashley Lanier, Teacher, Burgaw Middle School

  • amanda_esl - Amanda Beuning, Teacher, Burgaw Middle School 

  • THS28443 - Linda Bryan - Media Specialist, Topsail High School 

  • ashleystringfellow - Teacher, Cape Fear Middle 

  • TopsailDigitalMedia - Kevin Hull - Digital Media Teacher, Topsail High School 



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sherry_hughes@... said

at 9:29 am on Jul 3, 2009

mrshughesntes - Sherry Hughes - NTES Computer Skills/Technology Teacher

Julia Hieronymus said

at 2:44 pm on Aug 26, 2009

juliagh - Julia Hieronymus, Technology Facilitator, Cape Fear Elementary School

Mark Quindlen said

at 3:43 pm on Dec 2, 2009

South Topsail Elementary

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