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iPad and iPod Touch

Page history last edited by Lucas Gillispie 11 years, 1 month ago

     The iPad is, quite possibly, the most versatile and cost-effective handheld device on the market today.  As we begin to see these in our schools, this page will serve as a spot for those who are using them to share:  best practices, resource links, application reviews, and more.







Workshop Presentations



Training Notes/Resources/Handouts:


iPad Quick Reference Guide - http://alasutim.wikispaces.com/file/view/ipad-quick-reference-2.pdf/331337372/ipad-quick-reference-2.pdf






A rubric for evaluating apps - https://twitter.com/Stone_HMS/status/349956037152997377/photo/1


Apps For Personal/Professional Use:


Aside from Twitter and Facebook apps which have tremendous value for connecting teachers and ideas, there are other apps that I commonly recommend to educators that will help you stay "in the know" when it comes to education and puts the Internet to work for you, bringing the good stuff to you, rather than you having to work to find the information.  Here are some that you should definitely explore:


Zite - Zite creates a custom magazine with topics of interest to you.  Look through the suggested topics or do a search to create your own sections.  A few sections that I enjoy are on Education/Teaching, Education Technology, and iPads.  Explore the articles it gives you.  "Thumbs-up" the ones you like, and over time, your magazine will get better, custom-tailored to your particular interests.  And, don't forget the sharing function!  Strengthen those PLCs by sharing good articles and resources with your colleagues or your Twitter network!




Flipboard - Similar to Zite, this app can bring your favorite sites to one place, giving you a one-stop location for news and information.


TED - This is the official app of the TED conferences.  These are talks by incredible people about all sorts of topics.  There are some out there that every educator should watch!


Resource Links:


NEW - iPad Lessons Pinboard - http://pinterest.com/techchef4u/ipad-lessons/

NEW - App Smackdown Pinboards - http://pinterest.com/nancymangum/app-smackdown/


12 Educational iPad Apps for Kids - http://imaginationsoup.net/2011/04/10-best-educational-ipad-apps-for-elementary-kids/

Apps for Elementary Kids - http://pinterest.com/igamemom/app-elementary-school-kids/

Must-Have Apps for Elementary Math - http://www.tcea.org/documents/PD/Free%20Must-Have%20Apps%20for%20Elementary%20Math.pdf

30 of the Best Elementary Education Games for iPad - http://www.teachthought.com/apps-2/30-of-the-best-education-games-for-ipad/

Ways to Submit Assignments via iPad

 TCEA's Huge List of iPad Apps Arranged by Subject.

Make Use Of's "Best iPad Apps" - Not all classroom-related, but great apps!

 38,000 Free Books for your iPad.

iPad Teachers Wiki - Links to resources.

Apps for Kids - Great resources for finding apps for younger learners.

Apps in Education - Apps, broken down by subject area and reviewed.

Choosing the Right App for your Lesson Plan

Apps Arranged by Bloom's Taxonomy (thanks Jennifer Renshaw!)

Jennifer Lagarde's WIki Page - More resources!

iEducation Home - Wiki created by Vicki "CoolCatTeacher" Davis for sharing resources related to the use of the iPod Touch in the classroom.  A great resource.

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better - the name says it all.

Learning in Hand - blog all about the use of iPods in education.

Tricks Using the iPod Touch in Class

Top 50 iPhone Apps for Educators - iPod Touch, too, of course!

ipodclassroom - wiki centered around the use of the ipod touch in the classroom.

iPod Touch/iPhone Classroom Applications - on the Classroom 2.0 Ning.

iPod Touch in the Classroom - Blog Post by David Warlick

iPod Touch Schoolwide Implementation - Susan Wells' Classroom 2.0 Discussion on the project at Culbreth Middle School in Chapel Hill

Teach with a Touch --  Google Docs presentation with ideas for teaching with the iPod Touch.




Are you a Twitter user?  If so, be sure to check out the #ipaded and #edapp communities.  Not a Twitter user?  No problem.  Just click those links to view the Twitter search.


Podcasts and Video:


iPad Today - Weekly podcast/vodcast from the TWiT network.  It's great!




NEW - Pender Teacher's Lesson Plan A Fusion of Technology and Literature

NEW - iPods and Educational Applications Have Minnesota Students Giddy About Learning and a Follow-Up post.


Training resources for iPads in Education: http://www.myhaikuclass.com/julener/ipads/cms_page/view/164330


Also, be sure to visit our two wikis devoted entirely to the iPod Touch and iPad:

http://ipodtouchclassroom.pbworks.com - lesson ideas, app reviews, and more.

http://ipodgamesforlearning.pbworks.com - devoted entirely to learning with games on the iPod Touch and iPad.




Application Reviews:


iEAR.org - Reviews iPod Touch Apps for education.




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