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Interactive Whiteboards and Pads

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Interactive Whiteboard and Pad Resources

Quick Tip!

Did you know that both eInstruction (formerly Interwrite) and Mimio both have video tutorials on their websites that explain how to use their products?

For Mimio visit:  http://mimio.dymo.com/en-US/Training/Self-Guided-Training.aspx

For the eInstruction, visit:  http://iwl.einstruction.com/support/wstutorials.html#vids

IWB = Interactive Whiteboard (applies to all of the above brands)







Supercharge Your Interactive Whiteboard:  Web-based, Student-centered Games and Activities for the Elementary Classroom


Articles You Should Read:


Anderson, Steven. - Interactive Whiteboards - Sage on the Stage?  

Duebel, Patricia - THE Journal - Interactive Whiteboards Truth and Consequences

Manzo, Kathleen Kennedy - Education Week - Whiteboards' Impact on Education Seen As Uneven





* = featured in the above workshop

Amphitheater Public School's List of Interactive Whiteboard Resources - another list of online resources.

Cool Websites for Interactive Whiteboards - Some suggested sites from Jennifer Varschoor's blog.

Cybrary Man's Educational Websites - lots of whiteboard resources.

*eChalk - subscription-based service that includes learning games and activities for IWB's.  Some free content.

EdHeads - Science/Medical-related activities.  Not for the squeamish! 

GameGoo - K-2 language arts games.

*iBoard Player - UK-based site with a variety of activities in different subject areas.  Now free!

Interactive Whiteboard Resources - a nice overview and list of online resources from the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind.

*Interactivate - web-based tools for teaching a variety of concepts at all grade levels.

Interwrite Learning - official website.

Interactive Websites - Huge list of sites that work great with interactive whiteboards, arranged by subject area.

Interactive Whiteboard Sites (Winston-Salem/Forsyth Co. Schools)

K-3 Great Smartboard Sites - great list of whiteboard resources for grades K-3.

Mimio - official website.

Mimio Connect - download pre-made lessons from thousands of other Mimio users and upload your own. 

*Oswego City School District - Games - a collection of math games, great for your IWB.

*PBSKids.org Whiteboard Games - A collection of Language Arts, Arts, Math, and Social Science games your preK - elementary kids can play using any IWB.

Primary Games Arena - Lots of interactive, on screen games ideally suited for K-5.

NEW Purpose Games - a variety of skill/drill quiz activities, especially geography, anatomy, etc.

Resources from BGfL.org - A searchable collection of online activities ideal for interactive whiteboards.

*Scholastic - features some activities suitable for your IWB in a variety of subject areas.

*Sheppard Software - offers a variety of free games/activities for IWB's in a variety of subject areas.  Some ads.

SMART Education Resources -  premade lessons for SMART brand boards.

SMART Technologies - official website.

*Starfall.com - phonics-based reading instruction through interactive games and activities.

Tammy Worcester's Cool Tools for Interactive Whiteboards - a variety of resources here.

Teachers Love SMART Boards - great resources here.  Many work on any interactive whiteboard.

*The Whiteboard Blog - blog geared toward interactive whiteboards and resources for them.

*Triptico - offers a variety of tools that cane be used in the classroom on the IWB such as score keepers and timers for games.

Twiddla - A shared online whiteboard.... Oh please, someone figure out a good lesson that we can do cross-county with this!!! 


Interactive Whiteboard Livebinders

SMART Resources - http://livebinders.com/play/play?id=7376

Interactive Whiteboard - http://livebinders.com/play/play_or_edit?id=2336

Interactive Whiteboard Technologies - http://livebinders.com/play/play_or_edit?id=6659



PCSTech's Interactive Whiteboard Bookmarks on Delicioushttp://www.delicious.com/PCSTech/whiteboard



(share your lessons and ideas here!)


Download Lessons from Interwrite - Interwrite has tons of lessons available for download.  You can sort them by state standards or search by keyword.

Mimio Connect - Mimio's online teacher community.  Downloadable lessons available.



**SMART Response (w/ Notebook) **




Creating Grids and Graphs:

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Using Mouse Mode

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Video Tutorials and How-To's from Interwrite - a fairly comprehensive list of tutorials for the Interwrite software from eInstruction.


Other Resources:


Case Studies - a list of studies supporting the use of Interactive Whiteboards and Pads in the classroom.





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