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Resources for Beginning Teachers - 2012

Page history last edited by Lucas Gillispie 11 years, 11 months ago

Here are some resources for our new staff that was shared during the technology session of our BT Orientation:


Want to have your personal laptop or tablet computer connected to our network?  Fill out this form:


(Note:  You'll need to be logged into your district email account to access the form.)




Resources Shared:


Dixit - The storytelling card/board game that we played.  Great tool for encouraging student writing!  If you are interested in getting a copy of the game for your classroom, our local game shop, Cape Fear Games usually has it in stock, and they've been great about partnering with our schools this past year.  (Update:  I just heard from the owner... If you bring your district ID and explain to them how you'll use their games in the classroom, they'll give you a 20% discount.)


iPad/iPod Resources


If you need an app installed on your school's iPads/iPod Touches, work with your media specialist or whomever is the go-to person for those devices in your school.  If you are looking to get a paid app installed, most of our schools still have some funds (as of Aug., 2012) for our App Grant program.  Simply fill out this form:  http://pcs-tech.pbworks.com/w/page/47039102/App%20Grant%20Request


Apps We Discussed:


Strip Designer ($2.99) - Comic Design App.  Easy to use, applicable to any subject area.


NearPod (Free) - Allows you to simultaneously display images, slides, etc., to student devices integrating polls, quizzes, and even drawings.  Create content on their site, and launch via a code.  There are separate student and teacher apps.


Website Resources:


Socrative - Tool that allows you to poll/quiz students via iPads/iPods/PC's.


Edmodo - Get started in our district portal - http://pender.edmodo.com (email me for the school code)


Twitter - Are you connecting with other educators via Twitter?  If not, you are missing out!  Do a Twitter search for the ongoing discussions in #edchat and others.


Skype Education - Connect to other educators and classrooms via Skype!

(also check out ePals)


Xtranormal - Create animated videos with dialogue!


Here's a great example of a video about Pencil Integration in the classroom created with Xtranormal:



Eggcave.com - online game where players adopt and raise monsters.  Fan fiction and other forms of writing throughout!


Want to know more about video games in the classroom?  Check out the resource page on my blog from my latest presentations:  

http://edurealms.com/?page_id=629 (There are some really interesting videos on this page that may interest you!)


The Joe's Non-Netbook Video:














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