Champions of the Digital Frontier

Welcome to the wiki page for the 2011 Champions of the Digital Frontier Collaborative Study - Using New Media to Reach Today's Learners!  This study, designed specifically for district media coordinators will explore three books written by some of the foremost thinkers in new media and education.  All online resources for the study will be made available here.  Our online book chats will be archived and added here as well as the study progresses.


Announcement/Flyer - Media_BookStudy2011.pdf (This includes an overview and our focus chapters for each book.)


 Books and Chat Resources


Teaching Digital Natives:  Partnering for Real Learning by Marc Prensky



Chat 1 Archive -


Resources and Links for Chat#1 (from Julia Hendricks!):

Website that goes with the book:

21st Century classroom, Project Based Learning and more:

I also liked this resource for what a 21st Century Classroom looks like


Adapting your classroom:  Committed Sardine blog.  Ian Jukes, posted today.


Are you familiar with Jamie McKenzie and From Now On?  Great Resources for Questioning:


Students involved in planning/Lit Circles:


Sullivan, Margaret. “Divine Design:  How to create the 21st –Century School Library of      your dreams.”  School Library Journal.  April 2011.  pp. 27-32

Also available via web:


Favorite quote from David Lankes, SLJ April 2010. pg. 33  “Libraries are about knowledge and facilitation, not artifacts and stuff.”


More Resources and Links for Chat #1:


On Learning Spaces:

David Jakes' Learning Spaces Workshop Resources

Learning Spaces - free eBook by Diana Oblinger for Educause


Tools (the "nouns") that were mentioned:


Glogster -

Evernote -

Cornell Notes -

Animoto - (and an example from CFES -

Quora -

ePals -

Skype Education -

Facebook -



What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy by James Paul Gee

 Chat 2 Archive -


Interview with James Gee on the EdGamer Podcast -

Situated Cognition -


Henry Jenkins - 8 Myths About Video Games Debunked -


Avatar and Identity

Avatars Teach Teens About Self Image -


Stuart Brown - Play Is More Than Fun




Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms by Will Richardson


Chat 3 Archive -


Nikki Cook's Book Blog for BMS Media Center -

Bloom's Digital (Web 2.0) Taxonomy -

Transliteracy (on Wikipedia) -




Video Resources


Sir Ken Robinson - Changing Education Paradigms 


Marc Prensky - What is the Role of the Teacher in Today's World


James Paul Gee - Video Games 101 - Games That Teach


Will Richardson - Read/Write Web (Part 1)


Will Richardson - Read/Write Web (Part 2)


Resources for Networking


Marc Prensky


Twitter -

Website/Blog -


James Gee


Blog -


Will Richardson


Twitter -!/willrich45

Blog -