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Pender's Tech Toolbox

Page history last edited by Stephen Jeffcoat 10 years ago

Resources for the Classroom 

Featured Resources 


  Squeak - Computer science, animating, and programming tool (Examples and Tutorials).  The Science and Math Education Center (SMEC) is offering a 20 hour professional development on squeak this fall.  Contact Christopher Gordon or Matt Davis by email to get enrollment information.
  Alice - Same as squeak, but 3-D (Examples and Tutorials)
 Moodle- classroom management system (Similar to Quia, but free); administer tests, collect assignments, etc.  Lucas Gillispie can set you up with an account if interested. 

    Prezi Online presentation tool (Examples and Tutorials)

   Wallwisher- online post-it notes (Examples and Tutorials)

PBWorks Collaberative Wiki site (Examples and Tutorials

  Wikispaces Collaberative Wiki site (Examples and Tutorials

Twitter - blogging in 140 characters, can be linked to cellphones by text messaging (great for posting homework assignments) - must be 13+ to use (Examples and Tutorials)

  Skype -online video conferencing and chat (not recommended to use with students; colleagues only, please)  (Examples and Tutorials)

 Slideshare -upload power point and Keynote presentations for web access to files (Examples and Tutorials)

 JamStudio -web page where you can make music. (Examples and Tutorials)

  Cam Studio-allows you to record your voice and computer screen to make a avi file that you can post to web page or wiki (Examples and Tutorials)

 Wordle - create "word clouds (Examples and Tutorials)

 ToonDoo - create cartoon strips (Examples and Tutorials)

  Bubbl.us - create bubble charts (Examples and Tutorials)

 Webspiration- Online collaborative outlines and flow charts (Examples and Tutorials)

   Animoto - turns pictures into a "professional" slideshow (Examples and Tutorials)

  Audacity -record and edit sounds (Examples and Tutorials)


Google docs - allows multiple users to create and edit word, excel, and powerpoint-style documents; integrated with PCS Gmail (Examples and Tutorials )

Presentation tools

    • voicethread (Link) - allows voiceovers of your presentations
    • scrapblog (Link)
    • glogster (Link 
    • ustream (Link) - for live video streaming of presentations

Collaborative tools 

    • twiducate (Link) - a secure and controlled twitter/facebook environment
    • etherpad (Link) - like google docs, but only for word processsing
    • blogger (Link) - an online "diary"
    • dim dim (Link) - an online conferencing and presentation tool (more useful for meeting with colleagues, not in the classroom)
    • Wikis- a collaborative resource for creating and editing content and presentations; can be used as an online textbook or webpage replacement(Examples and Tutorials

Slideshow tools

    • slide-(Link) upload photos to make an online slide sh
    • photobucket (Link)-upload and share photos, videos and graphics
    • photo story 3-windows based, allows photos, captions and music to be made into a "movie" 

Video tools 

    • voicethread (Link) allows for several users to view, comment and alter a photo or video.
    • youtube (Link) - blocked for student access on PCS computers
    • teachertube (Link) - can filter and approve videos and comments
    • schooltube (Link) - similar to teachertub 
    • voki (Link)-make a avatar and tell it what to say can post these anywhere
    • movies
      • idvd-mac based allows files to be burned to DVD
      • imovie -mac based used to make movies
      • movie maker-windows version of movie making software
      • podcast

Drawing tools

    • google sketchup (Link) - create and modify 3-D models
    • go animate (Link) - create custom animations

Writing tools

    • tikatok (Link) - children create and publish their own book 
    • lulu (Link) - publish your own books (and sell them, too!!)

Organizer tools

    • thinklinker (Link) Collaborative online outline
    • Education Place (Link) Online textbook materials
    • livebinder (Link) Online "3 Ring Binder"

Quiz and poll sites 

    • kubbu (Link)
    • polldaddy (Link)
    • surveymonkey (Link)-lets you make/take short surveys.
    • poll everywhere (Link) - works with computers or cell phones (text messages)

Graphing tools  

Social Networks

    • ning (Link)-social network for education, safe and secure
    • plurk (Link) - Limited social networking site similar to twitter


    • lab pro (Link)-data gathering device that uses a variety of probes to collect and display data. Science and Math Education Center has these for loan.
    • cbl-similar to lab pro above only cheaper and uses graphing calculators
    • go link-allows single probe to be connected directly to your computer.
    • lab quest (Link) similar to lab pro 


    • nxt (link)-Lego robots Science and Math Education Center at UNCW has 10 of these for loan.
    • vex (Link)-Vex robots more complex and expensive than nxt but very cool.

Additional Resources

    • kevinhoneycutt.org (Link)
    • web20 (Link)
    • davidwarlick.com (Link)
    • phet (Link) - Science animations and simulations
    • Google earth  (Link
    • Sweet Search (Link) - verified websites for student research
    • Sweet Sites (Link) - website resources for teachers, arranged by grade level and subject area


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